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Pierre Kunz Authentic Insanity Timepiece

In 2007, at the wPHH, the prestigious replica watches brand Pierre Kunz made a big sensation in the whole world of replica watch making industry with the official releasing of its outstanding retrograde mechanical replica watch model, named Infinity Looping. This replica watch owes its name to the movements performed by a single hand with an aim to present the hours and minutes. It is attainable because of a cycloid hour hand, which travels along a scale that will let you think of a child's Spirograph.

Even though this replica watch is a bit hard to read at the beginning, it is certainly a true feast for the eyes.

No matter how attractive the Infinity Looping replica watch model is, its name is misleading the English speaking audience. The point is that the Americans, for instance, may perceive "looping" as "loopy", which will surely prevent replica watch lovers from taking this replica watch seriously: these words seem to be similar, however have different meanings. In Europe, yet, this term stands for a part of a roller coaster that can take the riders upside down.

Thereby, Pierre Kunz's U.S. sales manager Edward Suhyda found an innovative solution to avoid misunderstanding that mentioned above and to catch the best possible attention of American replica watch fans. Since Mr. Suhyda regarded this wonderful replica watch as "insane", he determined to bestow it with the name of "Insanity". Hence, the U.S. market received an exclusive replica watch with the name, particularly created with this area in mind.

The Pierre Kunz Insanity replica watch is housed in a special box, also designed by Suhyda. It is proposed with a straight jacket. As long as the owner opens it, he will find the infinitely looping watch, positioned within a padded cell.

This replica watch is crafted with a variety of colors and any kind of color that is available. Therefore, if you are interested in this attractive replica watch and want to pick and choose a model that with the desirable color you want, there is an array of different colored models for your choice.


How realistic is it ?

Very .. we have many happy

customers including real Airline

Pilots many who are amazed

how much work has gone into

making the Simulator as realistic

as possible.  After a Session it

is quite normal for customers

to be surprised that they are

back in a home and have not

left the ground.


Hopefully these photographs

go some way to doing it justice.





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